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5 Things Every NGO Donation Page Should Have

Charitable giving has dropped, a 2016 study confirms. Although there is stiff competition and ‘donor fatigue’ in most quarters, many people still want to give to charity. With many charities around and most of them carrying out similar projects, it is often difficult to stand on top of the crowd. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make it work for your organization by tweaking your NGO donation page. Here is a shortlist:

1. Show where their money goes

Showing people where their money goes and how you spend it is key to building and maintaining trust. One of the ways you can do this is by putting up short video clips (no less than 3 minutes) depicting projects and critical activities that you do. “People want to know what $10 will buy as well as what impact it can make” says Michael, one of the child sponsors at Urunji Child-Care Trust.

2. Use PayPal

Your NGO donation page needs to have several options for giving beyond a postal address to send a check (cheque) to. The critical elements include a PayPal giving widget. If you have challenges having PayPal as in most African countries, I recommend signing up with Ammado.

Coming soon: 6 ways your NGO website can generate money

Once approved, you will be able to put up an Ammado giving widget that will enable you to receive donations by PayPal as well as over 10 credit and debit cards.

3. Accept Bitcoin Donations

Cryptocurrency has become more and more popular and is being used by small and large non-profits alike among them United Way. Setting up Bitcoin is easy. You can choose any payment gateway. The website I recently configured to receive Bitcoin donations uses Bitpay as their gateway. It is free to set up.

4. Consider Western Union

Western Union Money Transfer is a viable option for people who are either unable or unwilling to use other options like PayPal. You do not need to set up anything – you just need to indicate on your website and promotional materials that you are able to receive donations by Western Union. Indicate the person who will receive the money on behalf of your organization and ask the donors to share with you the money transfer control number and amount send. It’s that simple!

5. Use Mobile Money

The introduction of mobile commerce has revolutionized the way cash can flow from one location to another in the comfort of your home, on the road or at the gym. According to GSMA, 61% of developing markets have embraced mobile money as at December 2015.

Your NGO can benefit from this emerging market by setting up a mobile money account and indicating on your website the mobile number they can send donations to.

Best Practices

Show gratitude

No matter how small a donation is, always thank your donors within 24 hours of receiving the donation. Receiving the donation does not mean the money hitting your organization’s bank account. It simply means that when you get notification that someone has sent a donation, acknowledge receipt at the earliest opportunity.

Be open about tax receipts

If you are unable to provide tax receipts for donations received, show on the website. Do not hide. Do not trick people into giving. One of the ways to be able to provide tax receipts and encourage people to give is by engaging a fiscal sponsor – an organization that has a 501(c)3 status that would receive the donations on your behalf and issue tax receipts.

Respect Donors’ Privacy

If your donor wants to remain anonymous, respect their wishes. If they do not want you to send them emails or newsletters, do not flood them with emails. Getting them engaged organically than through force and trickery can help build a lasting friendship that will get them more engaged eventually becoming brand ambassadors who will spread the word and get you the funds you so desperately need

Give options for not just giving money

Although money is what your organization needs the most, not all people are willing to give money. Some want to give their services. Get people to understand that they can also give their skills like writing blog articles, promoting your site on social media and spreading the word to their friends.

People can also volunteer with your organization and pay programme fees that will help you cover costs of hosting them as well as extra towards general operating expenses. One of the organizations worth engaging is Love Volunteers.

Ian C Maliseni

About the Author

Ian C Maliseni is the Founder and Executive Director of Urunji Child-Care Trust. He has worked with several local and international organizations among them World Vision Malawi and Ebenezer Trust in Zambia.

He has an MBA and is also a Member of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI). He loves writing articles on job search, volunteering and web designing.

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